About The Coop

A positive parenting co-operative

is a safe and welcoming place for parents of all walks of life. We provide Chicago doula services as well as prenatal and ongoing postpartum support for new parents and families. At The Parent Coop, we believe that the beginning of life, the critical moments of development and subsequent experiences between parent and child are integral to the development of future citizens. IF the first experiences of life are positive, healthy, and happy experiences, the resulting citizen will be positive, healthy, and happy. We believe a happy, healthy, infancy is defined as one with positive parenting, bonding, and supported parents. We believe that it takes a village to raise a child, that no parent should have to figure it all out on their own. We believe a community raises not only a child but helps to mold a parent and that children who are raised with supported and supportive parents will grow to be positive citizens. We provide professional education, meaningful engagement, and opportunities to enjoy being a parent. We take the playgroup, the class, the whole parenting experience to the next level with a co-op of professionals at your disposal. In supporting a positive beginning to life we ensure a positive future. It is our job to help you have the relationships and experiences that you want with your children. We are here for you, without judgement, without agenda.


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