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5 Best and worst parenting Super Bowl Commercials

Let’s be real, we had no loyalties to either the Denver Broncos or the Carolina Panthers. We were there for the national anthem, the halftime show, and the commercials. And here are, in our opinions the best … and the worst, when it comes to depicting babies and families.

1. Puppy Monkey Baby


What the actual Hell? Mountain Dew is known for its weird commercials, but this one goes to a new level of bizarre. We all sat in shock after this one ended, unsure if we were horrified or amused.

But it is telling young people that babies are cool. So that’s good I guess?


Subaru – Dog Tested


This one is cute. With sentimental music that would make any parent who’s struggled with a temperamental sleeper tear up a little bit, it hits you in the feels.

It’s not really clear what the commercial is about until the final moments, but we like it.


Doritos Ultrasound


Doritos, like Mountian Dew, loves to go weird, and they did it here. We don’t love the depiction of dad as the brainless oaf who brings a bag of chips into the ultrasound.

But maybe doulas should start bringing Doritos to births, to help get the baby out. It was a natural birth … sort of.


Heinz Ketchup Game Day


Families take all kinds, and for most of us, our families wouldn’t be complete without our pets. And dachshund’s in hot dog outfits are pretty great.

It’s also nice that, there are options for everyone in this commercial, even those of us in Chicago, where ketchup on our dogs is a cardinal sin.


“SuperBowl Babies”


Well played NFL. It’s cuteness actually overpowers a couple of sad facts.

  • Seal sold out and rewrote his 1994 Grammy-award winning song for a morally corrupt corporation that makes money off of grown men beating themselves into permanent brain damage.
  • For most of us, Chicago included, there haven’t been Super Bowl Babies in our towns for decades. Unless you count all those babies made during last year’s Super Bowl blizzard. Chicago’s Super Bowl Babies came shuffling out in 1985, which means they turned 30 this year.

If you’re like us, you missed the last quarter of the game because you were trying to put your own kids to bed. You can watch all the 2016 Super Bowl commercials here.