Creative Arts Childbirth Education Course

Are you looking for a dynamic, educational, and powerful way to prepare for the birth of your baby? Creative Arts Childbirth Education classes are just that. Developed by board certified Music Therapy professionals, the music and experiences are uniquely capable of supporting pregnancy and birth preparation.

Parents will experience, practice, and prepare relaxation techniques to be used with music not only in preparation but also during labor. The Parent Coop’s birth professions will guide expectant parents in not only learning about the birth process but will assist parents in creating their own vision for the birth. 

From drawing and painting to journaling and song writing, each parent will find new ways to get in touch with their own experiences during pregnancy, they’ll bond with baby, and will prepare themselves for their transition into parenthood.


  • This course uniquely provides education and experiences in:
    – bonding with the baby and partner
    – labor support
    – pain management techniques
    – pregnancy health and nutrition
    – informed consent and choices in the birth process