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Cubs-inspired Names for your World Series Baby

Whether your baby is anticipated to arrive any day now or is a celebration baby due in nine months, it would be hard for a World Series baby to go without a commemorative name. So here’s a list of Chicago Cubbie baby names suggested from mom fans around the Windy City. Would you give one to your little one?



I’ve heard a bunch of people say, “I named my dog that!” But don’t discount the name based on a couple furry friends. I have a friend who named her boy Wrigley and was definitively able to defend her super fan status. No “bandwagoning” here!


The last name of red-hot Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta is a great name for a girl – I have always loved this name. When my daughter was born I was campaigning for “Arietta” (Italian for short aria… or little song) given my musical background but this is a great alternative for a Cubs loving family. Love it!



Not wanting to get so “on the nose” with the name Wrigley? Ok, how about the iconic and gorgeous Ivy? Such an adorable name for a sweet little lady.



I absolutely love classic names … and what’s more classic Cubs than Harry Caray? Hello! It’s just so stinking cute! Love it.

Or maybe …


Speaking of the iconic announcer, his last name is just as good a baby name. Caray? Carrie if you want a more traditional spelling for a little lady … or Cary for a boy and also a throw back to Cary Grant (swoon). Or a throw back to the early 2000s with former All-Star Cubs pitcher Kerry (Wood).

Clark … or Addison


The streets outside of Wrigley Field, Clark is a great classic boy’s name, and Addison could go for a little girl or boy. But also… Hello, Addison Russel – that grand slam in Game 6 Tuesday night rocked the world and will go down in history. If Addison doesn’t do it for you … how about Russell? Super cute and deserving of a come back (pun intended)!

Honorable Mentions

A few off the beaten path options with great connections to Chicago’s Northside team

  • (Aroldis) Chapman
  • (Anthony) Rizzo – I mean, come on. That’s just C-U-T-E cute. 
  • Maddon (sure, you could also go with Joe if you’re more traditional)
  • Ryne (Sandberg) – How cute would it be to have a little “Ryno” running around the house!
  • Jake (Arietta)
  • (Jon) Lester
  • Theo (Epstein)
  • (Mark) Grace
  • Javier (Baez)
  • (David) Ross
  • Kyle (Scwarber)
  • Kris (Bryant)

And if you’re willing to take a risk… how about Goat? Your child will likely NEVER have anyone in their class with the same name… but they may also hate you when they’re older. Maybe just going with Billy?


If you can’t get on board with a Cub-centric first name, there’s always the option of a strong middle name… or even just a simple “W”.