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Episode 1: Names

A name can be symbolic, whimsical, or a last minute decision. This first episode of the Parent Coop audio project delves into the birth of our host Annie’s second child, and we hear from some listeners about how they chose their kids’ names.


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Contribute to future episodes

The Parent Coop audio project is planning to release a new episode of the show the first week of each month for the next six months. We’ve already lined up some great stories to share, but we need your help. Contact if you have a story that you think could add to one of these themes.

Even if your story is only loosely related to a theme, send it our way. If the story has conflict, great characters and a compelling arc, we’ll consider it.


Dancing – Stories about dance classes, school dances, or the delicate dance a high school student does to avoid telling their parents their mistake.

Call-in prompt – Tell us your memories of school dances. Parent and kid perspectives welcome.


Fridge Art – Stories about art as a release. The fridge as a value judgment. Expression, development, graffiti – tell us about your art story.

Call-in prompt – What was the first piece of art you were proud of, as a child or as a parent?


Loss – Stories about the loss of parents or children. This is an opportunity to cast away some of the fear that surrounds talking about loss as a parent. Tell us about your loved one, and how they’ve shaped you.

Call-in prompt – Tell us the name of someone you’ve lost as a way of honoring their existence.


Traditions – Holidays are full of stories of family and tradition. How did a family tradition shape your relationship with a parent or a child? All faiths and traditions are welcome – not just American, Christian, white.

Call-in prompt – What crazy new tradition did you or a family member try to start in your traditions? Did it stick?


Sell out – Tell us how you identify yourself, beyond the role of parent. How do you maintain that identity?

Call-in prompt – What odd things did your parents do to make extra money? Or as a child, what was your first paying job?

Check back often for more story ideas and prompts. Or check us out on facebook.