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Annie Walljasper

When she was an intern in hospice care, Annie couldn’t help but think that the ways she was able to use music to care for people at the end of life was somehow connected to the care women and babies should receive at the beginning. After four years experience serving families in hospice and palliative care she has continued to educate herself on all things birth. Annie supports a women’s choice to choose how to birth and works diligently to help it be the amazing experience each family deserves.

Annie, a board certified Music Therapist with ongoing education in music therapy assisted childbirth, is also in the process of completing her doula training through DONA International. Annie is also pursuing a certification as a lactation educator and serves as a Master Trainer for Sound Birthing Inc.

Annie has a passion for learning about the fascinating abilities of a woman’s body, the amazing connection between baby and mother, and how music can enhance their journey together, from belly to birth and beyond. She feels that she has a unique perspective on how to assist women with not only the loving touch of a doula, but through the power of intentional use of music.

Annie is the founder of “The Coop: a positive parenting co-operative” and strives to give parents the tools to be the best they can be.

Annie lives in Chicago with her husband Christopher, their 2-year-old daughter and basset hound.


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