The audio project

Episode 4: The Momtourage

The internet can be a great place for parents to get information about parenting and form communities around caring for their children.

But sometimes that online community can turn ugly. This is the story of one such Facebook group, and the lessons learned. Listen >>>

Episode 3: Hearing

We use our ears every day to make our way through the world, and when you’re a parent, hearing can be a challenge. You cherish the first words, the funny phrases, and you cringe at the meltdowns and the tantrums.

But when your ability to hear is threatened, you’ll do anything to save it.

The third episode of the Parent Coop audio project tells the story of a dad and his struggle to save the sounds he loves. Listen >>>

Episode 2: Dancing

Dancing is a part of everyone’s life. Weddings, school dances, or just being silly – we all dance, whether we like it or not.

The second episode of the Parent Coop audio project tells two stories about how the simple act of dancing can make a big impact on a person’s life. Listen >>>

Episode 1: Names

A name can be symbolic, whimsical, or a last minute decision. This first episode of the Parent Coop audio project delves into the birth of our host Annie’s second child, and we hear from some listeners about how they chose their kids’ names. Listen >>>