Blessingway Celebrations

The “Blessing Way” originated within the Native American traditions (specifically from Navajo tribes) as a way to bring blessings, love, and peace within the community. It is a much less commercial gathering of women, different from a baby shower, in which the focus is empowering the mother. Gifts are minimal and the day is spent pampering, supporting, and loving the expectant woman. Whether this be the first or tenth child, the idea is that every woman needs to be uplifted and surrounded by positive energy during this amazing life event.

We will help plan and host your own intimate Blessingway. Options for the day vary and are specifically tailored to a mother’s wish. Each pregnancy is very different for each mother and the blessingway should be a very personal experience. We will customize your day to fit your time, financial, and creative needs.

Please complete the Blessingway request form and we’ll work together to plan the perfect day.


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